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I'm Chess.
I provide effective copy for your marketing needs and engaging content for your customers to enjoy.
My goal is to bring you new, valuable clients, and to help you keep them onboard.


What I do

SEO Web Copy  Social Media Whitepapers 

Blogs Ebooks Email and Print Newsletters 

Branding  LinkedIn Campaigns Internal Resources 

Brochure and Magazine Features

Industries I work with

Tech  Data  AI  Entertainment  Lifestyle  Art 

Most of my work is protected by NDAs, but I can provide customised portfolios of work on request.

Take your ideas, and turn them into results

You know your product, service, and brand ethos better than anyone. 

Let me make this knowledge connect with your future clients.


I work across business sectors to provide you with copy that successfully communicates your brand to your desired audience, putting you in the best position to grow your client base and increase each customer's lifetime value.

Want to talk to me about a project?
Get in touch.

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